5 Games to Play on a Bouncy Castle

Booking a bouncy castle for your child’s party is a guaranteed good time, kids absolutely love it.  Aside from the sheer joy of jumping and sliding on the inflatable there are some games you can play to make the party even better.  The kids at the party can compete for prizes, here are 5 games to play on a bouncy castle.

Jumping Race

This works just like the sack races that you see at the kid’s school fairs.  You have two kids at one end of the bounce castle and they have to jump their way across the bouncy castle to reach the finish line.  Kids can race one way or have to touch the wall on the other side and return to the starting line.  You can do this with sacks or without, they will still have fun either way.

Egg and Spoon

Another game that comes from kid’s fairs is an egg and spoon race.  On a bouncy castle you want to make sure that the eggs are hardboiled first, or you’re going to be cleaning a huge mess.  The participants have to make it from one end of the castle to the other while balancing an egg on a spoon.  One participant can try and slow the other down by bouncing. The kid with the fastest time can be the champ or you can have a bunch of races.

Musical Chairs Bouncy Style

Musical chairs is another popular kids party game, granted you can’t put a dozen chairs on a bounce house, instead you play by some different rules.  An adult can start the music and let it play for a minute or two, the kids start jumping or dancing when the music plays and must stop when the music stops.  The last person to stop is out, and the last person standing is the winner.


Volleyball is a great game to play on a bouncy castle, kids can jump really high while trying to return the ball.  You do need to make sure that your inflatable is big enough to handle multiple kids and regulate how many kids are on each side.

Capture the Flag

You can divide the kids into two separate teams and each team has their own coloured flag.  Kids have to bounce their way across to the other side and try and get the other team’s flag and bring it back to their starting point to be declared the winner.

If these aren’t enough and you still want some other options for games to play with the kids here are some more options.