There is nothing more perfect for a kid’s party than a bouncy castle.  They have become so popular that now you can get them in a bunch of different shapes and sizes.  When inflatables first came on the market there wasn’t much in the way of variety, they were all pretty basic.  Now you can get them for both indoor and outdoor venues and even some that go on the water creating a new industry.

The bounce house rental industry now has a ton of suppliers with lots of inflatables including slides, both wet and dry, obstacle course and castles in every shape imaginable.  The industry has seen a ton of innovation over the years.  Now you are left with the question of how do you decide on who to hire to make your party perfect.  Let’s go over how to hire the right bounce house rental company.

How to Book a Bounce House Rental

You have no shortage of companies that will gladly take your money that doesn’t mean that the service they provide will be quality. So here are some questions to ask and things to look for when hiring a service provider.

  1. Make a plan. First things first you need to know is what size you are going to need.  That will depend on the amount of space you have, how many kids will be there and the age of the children at the party.  The rental company can help you with all of this and these are questions they are going to ask you when you call.
  2. Check the products that the rental company has available on the dates that you need them. If you have your heart set on having a pirate ship at your party, you want to make sure it is available.  The earlier you can book the better your chances are of getting the model you want.
  3. What is the company’s safety record. You want to make sure that their equipment is clean and well maintained.  Older equipment is more likely to break down and you don’t want your bounce house deflating in the middle of your party possible injuring one of the kids.
  4. What is your budget? For most parents money is a huge factor in the type of bounce house then end up renting.  Talk with the rental company about your budget, many have different packages available and are willing to work with you.

The games that you have at your party should work with your bouncy castle and provide fun for your guests.  The right bounce house can make your party the best one the kids have been to all year.